Testimonials from Switzerland

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Testimonials from Switzerland

Our Doctors and patients will talk you through their experiences with SoftRay’s SRT (superficial radio therapy) approach.



Dermatological radiotherapy is a painless and non-invasive surface treatment with low-dose x-rays, which can be used against malignant or benign skin diseases.

As a rule, these are 8 to 15 individual sessions at intervals of 2 to 4 days.

Dermatological radiotherapy is a very successful and efficient therapy, because the tumour can be specifically destroyed and the surrounding tissue is spared.

The patients are mostly elderly patients who are not well suited for major surgical procedures. They are of course very grateful if dermatological radiotherapy is another gentle and very efficient therapy option available.


It has now been four or five years since the first symptoms appeared.

That’s when they discovered that and since then I’ve been under observation, so to speak.

The order was as follows: light therapy, which was done two or three times, until they noticed that it did not help. That was the most unpleasant.

Then something was surgically removed. In between the laser therapy again and again.

In regard to the laser, do you see these spots? That was almost two months ago and you can still see the red lines. This is obviously a longer healing process.

And in the last two years, they did radiotherapy. Because you can use it in a very targeted way. They did it once left, once right, as far as I know two or three times. So two-three times 10.

And now, the skin has actually been found as good, as cured, in that area. It’s short, does not hurt and I get to lay down during the procedure.


Dermatological radiotherapy has a great future because the population is getting older and older and as a result problems such as white skin cancer or sun damage are increasing more and more.

Our experience is very good and the device is ideal for use in smaller practices. It needs little time, little space and the preparations are not as complicated as with other, older X-ray machines.

Softray AG cares very much about their individual customers, including us and we feel very well looked after.

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