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The T-60 unit with 50 kV provides low dose Radiation for the superficial therapy. This enables us to treat various skin disorders including benign and malignant skin cancers. An integral part is a networkable verification and record system for treatment planning and fully paperless documentation.


Efficient application
for superficial x-ray therapy

X-ray therapy units of the type T-60 are intended for superficial x-ray therapy in a range of 10 to 100 kV. The unit T-60 consists of a mobile trolley with a mounted x-ray tube stand. A separate control desk and a touchscreen PC allow operation from a shielded area.

The tube head is mounted on a spring arm and is able to be turned in two axis. The spring arm itself is easy to move for height setting. A clamping mechanism allows that the pre-selected stand position remains stable for the treatment of the standing, sitting or lying patient. Directly at the tube head the selection of one of the 4 filters is possible. Together with the filter the high voltage and the tube current will be selected. The trolley contains a monitoring screen with indicator lights.

An adapted information screen displays the selected parameters.

On the control desk are an emergency switch, a key switch, an x-ray START switch and an x-ray STOP switch. A separate touchscreen PC provides communication with the user. That screen display shows all relevant device conditions and allows the input of the treatment time.


  • Mobile unit
  • Touchscreen
  • PC for communication and control
  • Water-water cooler
  • Hand operated filter changer, 4 filters  circular applicators, FSD 15, 25 and 30 cm  microprocessor controlled
  • Optional:  verification and recording system RC2,  information screen in the treatment room and service software with remote access
Technical DataT-60
Max. high tension[kV]100
Max. tube current [mA]12
Max. power [W]1,200
Two circuit coolerWater Water
Number of selectable energies (combined of filter, [mA], [kV])4
20 (option: verification system)
Max. number of applicators14
Focal skin distance [cm]15…30
Mains1~PEN 230 V AC, 16 AT
Stand variationStand variation
Room requirementsTreatment room 2 m × 2 m
An additional monitoring area is required




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