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The powerful 200 kV unit provides high dose X-Rays for the orthovoltage-deep or semi-deep therapy. A choice of “soft“ spectra for superficial x-ray treatment is possible.

The T-200 effectively meets good clinical practice guidelines on radiotherapy procedures.


Efficient application
for superficial x-ray therapy

An integral part of the process is a powerful networkable verification & recording system for treatment planning and fully paperless documentation. With the easy-to-use 3D ceiling mount available in the treatment rooms, a variety of settings are possible. Several options complete the system to form an effective therapy unit.
Safety interlocks, permanent process monitoring before and during treatment, beam quality filter and applicator tube voltage and a current backup timer,, cooling monitoring door monitoring and mains monitoring.

Verification and record system RadControl-II visualization of machine process integrated patient and treatment database user administration, reports, data import.

Control desk key switch for disabling the unit emergency switch display of signal lamps “ready” and “radiation

Safety Interlocks

  • Permanent process monitoring before and during treatment
  • Beam quality
  • Filter and applicator
  • Tube voltage and – current
  • Backup timer
  • Cooling monitoring
  • Door monitoring
  • Mains monitoring

Verification and Record System RadControl-II

  • Visualization of machine process
  • Integrated patient and treatment database
  • User administration, reports, data import

Control Desk

  • Key switch for disabling the unit emergency
  • Switch display of signal lamps “ready” and “radiation”
Technical DataT-200
Max. high tension[kV]200
Max. tube current [mA]30
Max. power [W]3,000
Two circuit coolerWater Water
Number of selectable energies (combined of filter, [mA], [kV])20
Max. number of applicators14
Focal skin distance [cm]20…50
Mains1~PEN 230 V AC, 35 AT
Stand variation3D ceiling suspension or column stand
Room requirementsTreatment room 4 m × 3 m, additional control room required




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