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Radiotherapy in orthopedics is recognized worldwide. In this area, we actually treat the pain, the causes of which are mainly inflammation in joints, bone-metastases and metastases in thyroid glands. Without our treatment, there are only analgesics, which inevitably lead to kidney damage and thus to dialysis, and death over a longer period. The inhibition of inflammation also has another benefit, besides pain relief, as in certain countries, such as Germany, irradiating the surgery area before an orthopedic procedure is stipulated, to avoid further damage to inflamed tissue.


The usage of radiotherapy has other effects besides the reduction of tissue inflammation for pain relief such as the support of the immune-system.

It is proven that X-Ray at the proper dosage supports the immune system and accelerates the healing process.


Radiation Therapy in the semi deep area (Orthovolt, 20 to 200 kV) reduces inflammation and provides pain relief in joints and bone metastases. This treatment reduces the need for pain killers and potentially damaging the kidneys.

X-Rays, applied in the proper dosage, supports the immune system.