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Softray is a leading Swiss Radiotherapy Service Provider. Besides its use on precancerous and cancer therapies the X-Ray Therapy unit can also be used to treat chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and chronic eczema.

Furthermore the company is providing treatment for all kind of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis and for relieving the pain associated with bone and thyroid metastases.

The company has built a dedicated platform providing complete end-to-end service for implementation and maintenance of radiotherapy. This converts the CAPEX driven costs to an OPEX model reducing the future reimbursement and reducing risks for clinics and hospitals.

The Company has also developed a digital health strategy and created a platform to create awareness, facilitate quicker diagnosis, therapy and follow-up for patients. This strategy significantly increases the company’s competitive edge ensuring a steady flow of relevant and satisfied patients. Softray Asia has partnered with an international platform for dermatological diagnosis online. www.firstderm.com

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